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Isaiah on the Issues

“The American people deserve more than a recital of problems.” — Congresswoman Barbara Jordan

Throughout our history, Texas’ historic 18th district has been home to some of America’s most prolific legislators. From Barbara Jordan, to Mickey Leland, to Craig Washington, to Sheila Jackson Lee, representing our district in Congress has become synonymous with getting results — Isaiah looks to continue that tradition.

Healthcare is unaffordable, and Texas has the highest uninsured rate in the country. Meanwhile, Greg Abbott turned down Medicaid funding to expand access to lower income Texans and premiums continue to rise . This is unacceptable. Nobody should have to make the choice between paying their bills and getting the medical care they need.

Isaiah will work to lower the cost of healthcare by advocating for universal, affordable healthcare with a guaranteed public option to drive down costs. He will work to restore and increase funding for community health clinics, health centers, and hospitals in our area. We made a good start lowering the price of insulin for seniors and forcing drug companies to negotiate with Medicare, but we must reduce the cost of drugs for everyone.

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