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Meet Isaiah

Isaiah Martin grew up in Houston where his parents taught him from an early age the importance of always giving back to his community. 


While a student at University of Houston, Isaiah found his voice and saw the ways he could make a difference. He founded the on-campus group "#ForTheStudents" that advocated for students' needs. After sitting down with survivors, he co-founded the Full Support partnership with the Harris County DA's office to provide free rape kits and sexual assault services for UH students and six other Houston area colleges/universities. After multi-hour long voting lines on his campus, he teamed up with the Harris County Clerk and UH Athletics to use our on-campus football stadium as a polling location.  And after seeing food pantry lines stretched for miles, his team tackled collegiate food insecurity with a state-wide food drive.  When students were hesitant about getting vaccinated against COVID, he teamed up with the Mayor to host a televised student leader vaccination panel. When Students didn’t have water during the deadly winter freeze, he teamed up with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee to distribute water to those in need. Each of these initiatives started as a solution to a need, an idea that came to fruition with our persistence to turn awareness into action.


After finishing his studies, Isaiah spent two years learning behind his hero, Congresswoman Jackson Lee, both in Houston and in Washington, D.C. During this time, he observed the Congresswoman's commitment to public service, her passion for uplifting families, and her dedication to moving our country forward. 


Currently, Isaiah works as a consultant specializing in the procurement of large-scale aero-space government contracts. Through this work, he’s seen the growth of Houston’s space industry and the impact job growth has had on his community. 


Now, Isaiah wants to bring his experiences in developing solutions to Congress to focus on what matters most; expanding opportunity for all and delivering real results for all Houstonians. With Governor Abbott and the state legislature creating laws that make life harder for all of us, Isaiah is ready to bring energetic, forward thinking leadership to level up our neighborhoods. President John F. Kennedy defined Houston as a "city that is always looking forward, always seeking new ways to innovate and improve." As your next Congressman, Isaiah will ensure our city will continue to pioneer, continue to dream, and continue its journey into the future. 

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